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  2. Joseph Sparks @jospar

    Dammann don't seem to sell this.

  3. Remco Tent @CGMe

    I think it's actually a vessel to store your tea in, and I think Jospar is right; Dammann doesn't seem to sell this. Seems to be a one-off design. Does look cool though, would almost make me drink tea instead of coffee :)

  4. Robinet Olivier @Donpatchi

    I own it, I was like wooaaahh this teapot is amazing, but actually, just the design is great, it's not convenient to pour out the tea because the spout is too high, so you have to turn upside down the teapot wich is very heavy, (in cast iron), and you burn your hand...

  5. Vicky. Li @Wonderwhy

    Nice ^^

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Samourai for Dammann Frères

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