You already know that biking and planting a garden are good for the environment, but now you can enjoy the two things together.

This miniature, portable planter attaches easily to the frame of any bike, allowing you to take a little growing friend along for the ride.

It is created using state of the art digital design technology and 3D printing--a process that creates almost no production waste.

In addition to holding soil for succulents or other small plants to grow, the 2.5" brick red container can be used to display wild flowers or air plants.

The elastic cord allows for easy attachment and removal.

Made in Atlanta, Georgia.

Materials: 3D printed acrylic, nylon cord

2.3" H X 1.4" dia.

Wipe clean.

Plant not included.

Please allow 10 days for shipping.

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$45 · Bike Planters

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