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  2. Jessica Parker @Jezzpark


  3. Fiona Lazuli @fionalazuli

    @redsocks29 Mm because it's leather and pretty and @tanburi Why are you surprised that it's Apple? They do make aesthetically pleasing and superior products, after all..

  4. jessica.santini05 @jessilyn

    @joelieohlie I work in the IT industry and unless there's some telepathic power that you use to replace mice, I think it's safe to say that just about everyone in the IT industry still uses mice. Therefore, mouse pads are not an obsolete product for desktop users.

  5. Joel Setzer @joelieohlie

    @jessilyn I don't work in IT therefore do not need to use a mouse. Yes, I have telepathic abilities but most days I'll just use a trackpad.

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Neon Yellow Leather Mouse Pad

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