Fragments is the table created by virtual designer Uto Balmoral for Tonelli Design.

Perfect couple between the possible, the product, and the impossible, the non-being designer.

The lightness of the extra clear glass is opposed to the great stability granted by the slight outwards inclination of the legs.

The incisions realized with craftmade mastery on the lower part of top and side give the illusion that the table is the result of an assembly of three-dimensional fragments.

Available only in extra clear glass.

Available in five sizes:

180 x 90 x h 74 cm

200 x 90 x h 74 cm

220 x 90 x h 74 cm

220 x 100 x h 74 cm

240 x 100 x h 74 cm

Please allow 6-8 weeks for shipping. 

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$4,555 · Fragments Table by Uto Balmoral

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