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  2. sani jibril @sanirabi

    i like it

  3. Manuel M. Ruiz @mrmoonlight

    A lot of name calling in this post motivated me to say (a) name calling is not cool; (b) this is better than earphones, which is what most bicycle riders use; (c) a bike is like a bullet with silencer in cities, so noisier riders are actually a good idea. Now keep on canned in your internal combustion coffins.

  4. Oscar Gonzalez @Oscar_Gonzalez

    This is cool, but the strap that holds it in place looks flimsy, it looks like it could snap off place with any little bump.

  5. Melanie @fairhairedcutey

    awesome =D would be very useful for me since I go everywhere with my bike! xD

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Wireless Bike Speakers by SleekSpeak

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