You fancy yourself somewhere between 007 and a Boy Scout but secretly you know James Bond has nothing on you. You have a better set of geeky gadgets. One of them is on your sleeves.

These are the hand-wrapped leather version of the Working Lighter Cufflinks. Replicas of the original vintage gumball style lighters made over 50 years ago, these Mad Men era lighters have been disguised as cufflinks and are collector's item. Whether you need to light a cigar at a wedding, a fireplace to set the mood, or some dynamite when bringing down the enemy during one of your many spy missions, you are ready.

These leather wrapped shiny polished silvertone metal lighter cufflinks are less than an inch and measure only 7/8" high by 3/4" wide (at base) by 1/2" thick (22mm x 19mm x 12mm). Because of their miniscule size and vintage style, they require a steady hand and one finger action sideways swipe action to light.

The Boy Scout in you will be studying the warnings and instructions carefully for safety information, know-how, smooth operation and to avoid awkwardness while lighting up. The secret agent in you will be thinking of things to light on fire . . .

Please keep out of reach of children, as the lighter and lighter fluid can cause serious injuries.

Please allow 2 weeks for shipping


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$110 · Leather Lighter Cufflinks

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