The perforated artillery round in the Friendly Fire Lamp was part of an unsuccessful Korean War weapon, a recoilless anti-tank gun.

The 75mm steel shell is brightly polished outside, leaving the ancient paint and corrosion intact on the interior.

The socket hangs from the hand-turned tip, and a 12" long incandescent bulb casts light through hundreds of holes.

Approx. 21" tall, 4.25" in diameter, with a 6' cord.

Bulb included (rated for 110/120v power systems.

Stockpile Designs is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based furniture designer Jake Wright. Raised by a USAF pilot and a defense contractor, his childhood home was cluttered with ephemera from his parent's careers: model airplanes, brass lanterns and Berber rugs from duty in North Africa, samples of radiation shielding from missile defense systems. These unconventional surroundings are the inspiration for his work, which uses obsolete equipment and military-derived construction to create sleek and efficient designs that retain the power of their antecedents.

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$800 · Friendly Fire Lamp by Stockpile Designs

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