Bear Grylls' 15-piece ultimate survival kit built for hostile environments.

Includes Gerber miniature multi-tool for a range of applications, a survival blanket, fire starter, snare wire, fishing and sewing kits, and more.

Land-to-air rescue and SOS instructions.

Comes with Bear Grylls' Priorities of Survival pocket guide.

Gerber's Bear Grylls' Ultimate Survival Kit is part of the Gerber / Bear Grylls Survival Series. This collaboration brings together over 70 years of knife and gear expertise with Bear's extensive outdoor survival and adventure experience to create one of a kind knives, tools and gear. Each item in the Survival Series is meticulously designed by Gerber and Bear to offer a multitude of uses in any environment.

Small, light and compact, the Ultimate Survival Kit provides a thorough collection of gear to help meet challanges in the wild. Its all packed in a lightweight, ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper and a copy of Bear Grylls Priorities of Survival pocket guide, loaded with survival basics is included. You'll be glad you're prepared with this pack anywhere kit even if you don't have to use it!

Stay prepared, stay alive!. Waterproof Matches. Snare Wire. Emergency Cord. Cotton Ball. Needle Nose Pliers. Wire Cutters. Fine Edge Knife. Serrated Knife. Phillips Screwdriver. Mineature Light. Hand Saw. Signaling Mirror. Survival Blanket. Waxed Thread. Fishing Kit. Sewing kit. Sheath

Overall Weight: 9.4 oz.

Please allow 10-14 days for shipping.

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$52 · Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit by Gerber

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