Slave to your PC? How about a slab of genuine walnut or maple in mousepad guise to help take the sting out of Monday mornings? There’s nothing like the look and feel of real wood to help relax the soul.

True, optical mice these days don’t necessarily require a mousepad to function, but this is just so handsome... it dresses up a workstation or desktop beautifully.

As optical mice don’t need much travel real estate, the surface dimensions of 7 x 8 inches are spot on. While the wooden, matte black Angle Adjuster cylinder puts the Koro at a comfortable incline, if you prefer a flat surface to glide your mouse upon, simply flip the pad over and use the Angle Adjuster groove as a pencil/pen tray.

Entirely handmade, the Koro has a warm, smooth satin finish - no rough edges or splinters anywhere. 

If you’re a computer user who appreciates the look and feel of handmade wooden products, then the Hacoa Koro Mousepad will be a lovely addition to your work station or desktop.

Hacoa creates beautiful, useful wooden items to fit our environmentally friendly, modern lifestyles. Occasionally also producing one-off items, in 2002 they created a name box to commemorate the birthday of Princess Aiko, and in 2004 were commissioned to produce wooden plaques for two luxury cruise liners, the Diamond Princess and the Sapphire Princess.

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  • February 29, 2016 - March 7, 2016
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  2. MissHelene @Heju75

    @rapateta I always feel cheated when someone says that it is the same when it ain't. Ok I'm blaming my parents over this. They deposited this sentence, but in another context. It is like saying Coca and Pepsi are the same when it is so not.It can be better or worse but no, it is not the same. And don't make assumption I'm making a fuss. This grown up unhappy toddler knows the feeling inside when you bring back something that is not the blankie. So no it is not the same.

  3. Adam Badr @adam_touimi

    @Heju75 ok

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  5. Valerio Paris Mitritsakis @valeriomitritsakis

    This is just a decoration with no actual need. It's beautifull though and if you've got money to waste it is a stylish choice

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$65 · Hacoa Koro Wooden Mousepad

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