Sure these Essential Face Wipes by Ursa Major are refreshing but just as important they’re r-o-b-u-s-t, meaning they provide real skincare benefits:

Thoroughly clean your skin (without stripping it of moisture/nutrients, throwing it's Ph balance out of whack or leaving a weird film on your face)

Dissolve dead surface skin cells and brighten your complexion

Visibly reduce shine (the wipes dry down to a nice matte finish)

Help clear blocked pores and combat blemishes

Sooth, calm and actively hydrate (you may not need a moisturizer afterwards)

They're also healthy (no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, etc) and they smell great (orange, fir, lavender, etc)!

The wipes are perfect for cleaning up on the go (at the office, after a ride or when you're on the road), or when you're just too lazy to wash your face.

They come packaged in a carton containing 20 individually-wrapped wipes (this way they stay fresher longer and are super-portable - just throw a few in your pocket or pack and go).

Tip: the wipes will maintain their oomph & aroma longer if you store them in a cool place out of direct sunlight (natural products don't hold up to sun/heat as well as synthetic ones).

Please allow 10 days for shipping.

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  • February 18, 2016 - February 22, 2016
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  2. 나연 @orioon2

    디자인이 좀만 더 예뻤으면 샀을 텐데...아쉽다

  3. m z @maherzogheib

    really essential in the middle of the day with all the pollution of cities

  4. zrock @BoomBapp

    it takes a minimum of 300 of these little bad boys to clean up after one of Tom Jones' birthday party's.

  5. Jade Pirate @jadepirate2290

    ursa major?

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$24 · Essential Face Wipes by Ursa Major

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