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  1. @buymedesign

    Keep losing your Metro Card? This is the product just for you. Safely and snugly attached to your iPhone you’ll never be without it again. Beautiful and eco-friendly cork case only $8.80

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  2. Jayshia Madames @jayshiamadames

    Interesting idea! Now I can loose my phone AND my card at the same time!

  3. Peter Altenburg Carlsen @petercarlsen

    The magnetisem in the phone will stop the card from working, i hae tried having my card and phone in the same pocket for a while, and the card stopped working.. SO DON'T BUY IT

  4. Peter Olsson @olsson66

    will it float

  5. Alexander Pepperman @ahpepperman

    Will it mater when your phone is upside in a pool?

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Cork Skin iPhone 5 Card Pocket

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