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  2. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    So true!, @lumichev! Every NewYorker would surely benefit: healthwise & moneywise + time-saved! ;~)

  3. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    @rolexdpracer: Tell her how it saves space and keeps treasured floorspace open and I'm sure she'll go for it....but not uncovered in the entry-way. Back-porch/Garage or Roman-Shade styled Hanging-Fabric Covered Wall would work too and provide easy access! Good Luck! ;~)

  4. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    As always a great organizing, floorspace-saving item that enables any home to accommodate bikes! As above: IF used in entry-hall cover bike(s) with either: Hanging-Fabric in a Roman-Shade style over the bikes. (Need rod brackets to extend past the pedals. And do not cover shelf or handlebars, of course! Fabric should hang gracefully just below handlebars & shelf.) X-college roommates used this idea and it worked great! - OR - Build special wall cabinet for a moderne storage look! ;~)

  5. liene.podina @podina

    My fixie loves this. ❤

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FIXA Bike Shelf by Chrome

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