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  2. Brianne Willex @briannewill

    This looks like a catheter. If I saw someone pouring a bourbon from a plastic tube from in his trousers into a cup, I'd think he was looking to drink his own piss and was psychotic, not a cheapskate or a guy looking to smuggle booze. That said, great for dry weddings.

  3. Rachael Tanger @cantankerous

    I can think of at least five better ways to sneak booze... and that was with my brain being lazy.

  4. Elijah Kenan @elijahkenan

    This will come in so much handy at the UCLA football games

  5. Andrew Hollway @GnarBurgle

    It's not for booze. It says doctor sneaky on it. It's for warming someone else's clean urine to pass a drug test.

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