1. Diego Tondonia @dtondonia

    Parrot ASTEROID Mini Aplicaciones, música y Bluetooth manos libres, tendrás útiles aplicaciones de ASTEROID Market, selecciona la música con la voz, sincroniza automáticamnete la agenda telefónica, re

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  2. Slam Ebraheem @somytemoo

    @txp sure

  3. daan.deniseger @iseger1902

    Had this one installed a few months ago. The unit sits behind the dashboard, between your radio and speakers, working like a receiver. Love the system, the Bluetooth possibilities and the voice control. Sound is superb. Worth every penny

  4. weissman @weissman2356720987

    ....connect to WiFi, and download driving assistance all from the road......

  5. 정진엽 @designpot

    Supporting Mirroring iPhone?

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Parrot Asteroid Mini In-Car Multimedia System

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