During those heated moments of playing games on your computer, you may find this interesting device handy. Just plug it into your USB port and feel the cool breeze as you watch time pass by.

It even displays a clock as it spins-especially made for those intense gaming moments when you can't look at the desktop clock. This way, you'll never forget to have dinner and will always be on time for the latest raids!

The blades of the fans are made of soft plastic and are soft enough to avoid causing damage during your twitch reflex to get revenge on your online foes. Even when the fan stops rotating, it can reinitialize itself automatically when it starts spinning again.

The image of the clock is made from a single strip of LEDs, showing off the power of science. The clock is calibrated by pushing and holding the button in. Talk about a simple interface! This will definitely make a great gift for your fun loving, geeky gaming friends.

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  • December 11, 2015 - December 18, 2015
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  2. jeremy.bland.79 @jeremybland

    I need!!

  3. Pondorosa Pucho @PondorosaPucho

    Just 2 weeks ago while in route to visiting a friend in Perris California, I stopped at the local Am/Pm market/gas station. One of these were plugged in at the counter. First thoughts ...."do I really need another gadget. It is pretty cool. Never seen anything like it before. Probably hard to program." I asked the clerk how much. I'm sorry to say I got it for half the price posted here but this one is not a clock. You can actually program up to 6 different messages of text, symbols, etc..etc.. can change how the messages appear, rotate, standstill. It comes with a mini-CD of instructions and simple-ass how to program instructions. Must have a PC to do this. Says it can connect to iphone, ipad, etc...but I haven't figuered that out just yet. MY overall opinion...THIS GADGET is actually legitimately COOL if you can find the one that displays messages. A must have for any gadget lover. If you feel you would be annoyed by this gadget....then you probably got some deep rooted issues you need to work on. I say this because this very momment it is cooling me off in 80 degree weather here in L.A. as it's in just the perfect proximity to provide some cooling and some subliminal messages that I programmed in...such as Nasmaste', Breathe In Breathe out, Want More Become More. This is freak'n awesome ...and that's my 2cents. Wurrrrd up!!!

  4. Pondorosa Pucho @PondorosaPucho

    ps....I'm driving back to purchase his entire stock!!!

  5. Anita Eral @aeral

    Is it online? What website?

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$20 · USB LED Fan Clock

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