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  1. Natalie N. @gnati

    Too many Douches to keep track of? Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. With our “Douche Alert Variety Pack” cards, you can send notes to all your douchey neighbors with a card for every occasion.

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  2. bp @undeadpyro

    I need these for those people that take up four parking spots.

  3. moxilla @moxilla

    I need a douch alert for the parents who just let their kids annoy the shit out of me in a restaurant and then coughed all over my plate, Parents who allow kids to roam all over restaurant bugging patrons ugh

  4. justa.katt @jkatt1999


  5. Monique Iman @MoniqueIman

    My douche alerts go off contantly .. I need these in my life! Lol

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Douche Alert Variety Pack

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