Display your feelings on your car window with Drivemotion. Tell the highway how you're doing or compliment the cute girl or guy driving right behind you using different emoticons on this LED car sign. 

The remotely controlled LED display that attaches inside your rear car window, facing the driver behind.

Choose from any of the different versions & you can begin to communicate with all other drivers:

1. Drivemotion Pure Faces - A basic series of emoticon face messages that range from angry, happy to sorry. 

2. Drivemotion EX - This version can really show the depth of your emotions. Each of the messages can be “escalated” by up to 3 times. For example, if you press the “I’m happy” button, you can press it a further 2 times, escalating the happy message. There are 16 messages in total.

3. Drivemotion Constructor - With this version, you can make any of over 500 different messages. The internal memory has a range of phrases, word & emoticons, you can use these in series to “construct” a message to really tell the driver behind what you feel.

Please allow 6-9 days for delivery.

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  • February 19, 2016 - February 25, 2016
  • 30 day returns. View details


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  2. Carson Pruitt @carsonpruitt

    Messages would include: "Get Off My Ass!" "Fuck You!" "Thank You" "Asshole!" "Fuck You!" yeah... haha

  3. ward.pounds @holsterthis

    Is there a waitlist?

  4. Markus Moore @markusmoor3

    Now this I like

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$44 · Drivemotion LED Car Sign

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