We're used to seeing that tiny red circle with a number inside it on a daily basis on our phones, tablets, and computers, but now Big Big Pixel is bringing it to the real world with their Notification Memo

Each pad features 135 pages on 100 gram paper with a continuous rotation of numbers 1-9 on them. Each page comes with removable adhesive glue on the back so you can stick your notification reminder anywhere. 

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  • November 30, 2015 - December 3, 2015
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  1. Mike Mak @mm730

    With this huge notification memo, you could leave a message anywhere you want.

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  2. Nathan Cruise @NathanCruise

    You should actually be able to write notes on the back lol this cool

  3. Mike Mak @mm730

    yes that's how we design it :-)

  4. Cody Daniels @cmdaniels

    I need one of these on my mailbox!

  5. nick halfhill @gateway

    I got these and I have to say that they are not great. Don't stick well and they have a coating on them that makes ink from felt tip pens not work, just rubs right off on your fingers.

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