Compatible with most smart phones including iPhone 4, 5, 6, and 6+.

The Product Story:
Keys, phone, wallet… We leave our homes and offices and remind ourselves not to lose our keys, phone, and wallet. Nothing is worse than forgetting your keys on the way out the door. Or, misplacing your phone and needing a co-worker to dial your number as you search through the paperwork on your desk trying to hear the vibration.

First world problems to say the least, but when our mind goes “blank” – it is freaking irritating. The sad thing is, the problem only seems to get worse with age. So, we decided to build a functional, modern organizer for our desks and counters, but also added a docking station for our phones. The idea shortly turned into a prototype that went through crowd funding incredibly well, leaving us with a retail product called the Classic Station.

Final side note – although our product photographs show only Apple Products, that doesn't mean we didn't make enough docking space for all you Windows and Android lovers. The Classic Station does not judge your phone preference. It's a desk caddy for all phones alike.


The Classic Station is a truly universal caddy for anywhere your stuff likes to accumulate. There are tons of phone docks and charging stations out there, so I wanted to create something that was versatile and almost any phone, pair of sunglasses, set of keys etc. could rest neatly inside. It's not a charging station, it's a solution to too much clutter on your desk or counter top. If you get a text message or a phone call, you can easily grab your phone without fussing with cables or plugs. Plus, it's made from 100% Eco-Friendly Bamboo!

Size: 11″ × 4″ × .75″ (inches)
Material: 100% rapidly renewable bamboo
Delivery: 4 to 5 bus days
Disclaimer: phone not included

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$29.99 · Classic Station | For your Phone, Keys, & Wallet - Desk Caddy Bamboo Organizer Desktop Phone Dock iPhone - Gift for Him / Her

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