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  1. Chris @iamcpramirez

    The LeviTECH lamp will deliver brillance in all the right places. Enrich your home decor in striking, chic style. These lamps encompass 6 cool LEDs with touch sensitive on / off switches along with o

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  2. krisderitcarmelo @krisCarmelo

    Im just going to buy the damn thing, take it apart and then i'll tell you how it works.

  3. D Colbe @Lad6Dvan

    LeviTech makes great products with a scientific bent which I love! ;~)

  4. Nancy Symns @Symnsn

    Too cool for words! Love it!

  5. Antonello @maodj

    @iamcpramirez Hi, Why is LeviTech neither shipping nor giving me any info about my order placed last 28 November?? You could have just said that my lamp floated away at least but me and Fancy customer support got not even a word from LeviTech...UPDATE On 7 Jan my order has been canceled by the seller without any justification..This is not a business practice I would expect from a company. LeviTech disappointing

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Anti-Gravity Floating Lamp by LeviTECH Labs

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