The 164ft (50m) long, 11.6cm wide Road On A Roll is an exciting new and original recycled paper track system for kids, that can be made into any length and design track they can imagine.

With the 164ft (50m) of track, designs are only limited in size and scope by their imagination.

They could race along an amazing track through a door, around the kitchen, under a table, over a chair, with the finishing line by the sofa.

Simply tear off a length of the 11.6cm wide paper road section to any length, add some corners and a roundabout or two by slipping the end of the torn off roll into the precut slots and away they go.

The perfect starter set comprises of:

- A Road On A Roll - 11.6cm wide x over 164ft long.
- 10 corners
- 4 roundabouts

Please allow 3-7 days for delivery.

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$48 · Road on a Roll Toy Car Paper Track System

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