The Drivable DeLorean Time Machine Replica includes

* Aluminum rear bulkhead
* Flux Capacitor
* Spectrum Analyzer display
* Torin Blower (to the left of the flux)
* High Voltage selector (behind passenger seat)
* Misc. heat sinks and other props on bulkhead
* Time Circuits (programmable)
* Plutonium Gauges
* TFC Drive Switch
* Upper Console
* Speedo
* Internal wire harnesses
* aluminum rear window cover
* aluminum engine deck cover
* aluminum rear vent system
* aluminum riser for Mr.Fusion
* Mr. Fusion
* misc. hoses from vents
* dual oil separators with cross over tube and hoses
* green tubes on right side
* (2) Rear Pontoon Box enclosures
* (2) large blue capacitors
* aluminum cooling grid
* (3) large red capacitors
* (3) large pontiometers
* (3) mounted elbow connectors
* (2) front fender boxes
* (2) top flux boxes
* (2 rear flux boxes with mounting brackets
* (worm hole emitter and mount (on top of car)
* (6) Cable connections
* Flux bands and mesh with brackets
* 2015 License plate

The Delorean itself is unaltered, the parts are securely mounted, all of the blinkers, tail lights and running lights are still in place and functioning. All other functions of the car are unaltered.
Most cities, states, countries allow cars over 25 years old to be specially registered as "Antiques" and will exempt them from emissions testing or other inspections. Check with your local motor vehicle department for more information.

To the maximum extent allowable by applicable law, Thing Daemon, Inc. and its officers, directors, employees, agents and suppliers specifically disclaim all liability resulting from personal injury and/or death resulting from, or arising out of, your use of products obtained through the Site, the Applications, or in connection with the Services.

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  • November 9, 2015 - November 23, 2015
  • Final sale and no returns. View details


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