Effortlessly adjust your desk’s height, up or down, using an intuitively simple 2-button controller. One touch to adjust up, one touch to adjust down.

Everything from the standard desk plus a cable management tray to eliminate messy cords and keep your space tidy. It'll feel like your desk is floating.

Everything from the Standard and Plus packages, with the addition of: a memory-height controller to let your desk memorize your preferred height settings for fast, one-touch height changes.

Warning: Your co-workers are going to be so jealous.

Range: 28” to 45” (without top) - supports someone 6’3” Frame weight: 61 lbs (with vanity tray + 8lbs) Dimension: 28.5” (depth: foot), 23.5 (depth: top bracket), 28” (height: floor to top), 50” (width: entire frame)
Motor Details

Lift capacity: 225 lbs (without top) Speed: .6 -.75” per sec, depending on weight load Noise: 55 decibels during transition Usage: 1 transition every 3 mins Overheat protection: motor will temporarily shut down to protect against overheat damage to the motor. Allow at least 1 hour cool down time. Electricity: 110v/50hz - USA. They do not yet have 220v/60hz. 

Weight: The frame weighs in at 61lbs (+ 8lbs if you get the cable management tray). The laminate tops are 45lbs (for a 30" x 60"), and the bamboo tops are 60lbs (for a 30" x 60").

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  • March 7, 2016 - March 14, 2016
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$500 · StandDesk

Fancy 855
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