This is the original Carrot cat toy. We designed this cat toy to stand out over other cat toys by, not only, design but also its innovation.

This is truly the first of its kind, a cat toy that has a catnip chamber, with 2 holes for dispensing treats, and a sisal scratcher.

There are also feathers on top of the carrot, making this toy the most addictive cat toy.

The sisal cover scratcher was designed to keep cat claws healthy-its wrapped all over the cat toy. The 2 holes on the carrot dispense normal size cat treats (you can put any treats you like into this cat toy).

The top of the carrot has a catnip chamber where you can put dry catnip in, we know that catnip falls apart, so with that in mind, we have included a special organza baggie to filter the catnip.

This carrot stands a whooping 12 inch tall with the feathers, while other cat toys are just 3-5". When it comes to cat fun, size makes a big impact.

The Simple philosophy behind this cat toy:Catnip + Cat treats + Feathers + sisal scratcher + Size = HOURS OF NON-STOP PLAY TIME!

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$15 · Carrot Cat Roll Toy

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