Absinthe is an infamous alcoholic drink from years ago that was thought to have given its drinkers hallucinations. This is probably why Vincent van Gogh was a huge drinker of the stuff. This led to it being banned and was just recently brought back because it was proven those claims against it were untrue.

But if you're too young to drink or don't want to risk it, try our Absinthe Flavored Gumballs! Absinthe Flavored Gumballs are delicious gumballs that give you all that absinthe taste you love without the hangover and possible hallucinations!

Each of the 22 gumballs are Anise flavored and are sure to make you an Absinthe Gumaholic!

Follow the green fairies and get some of this delicious gum today!  


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  • December 7, 2015 - December 14, 2015
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  2. Eren Bayram @LazerzCatz

    so is it alcoholic or not, can I give it to children or stay away from doing that

  3. Princess Ryan @theprincessryan

    pls. dont give to children.

  4. Richard Figueroa @rickyfigz5

    too late

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$5 · Absinthe Gumballs

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