A bottle opener that looks just like the U.S.S. Enterprise from the Star Trek TV series! Opens up any bottle with the bold dexterity that can be found in all Starfleet devices!

Includes sound effects from the TV show, including red alert alarms and the warp drive! Hey, a Starfleet officer needs his shore leave every once in a while! Prepare To Boldly Go Into A Night Of Drinking With All Your Starfleet Buddies!

So you've just been relieved from your current duties, and you know what that means: that?s right ? It's the weekend!

Time to hand up your uniform for cleaning and your phaser for repairs, and now the time has come for taking it easy and sitting down with a nice, cold beer.

Look into your Officer's toolkit. What have you found? Aha! Essential Starfleet equipment, namely, the Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener! This tiny, yet important, gizmo comes with every Starfleet's toolbelt.

It looks just like the Enterprise herself, complete to every detail. Only this time, instead of taking you across the stars, It's taking you on a night of pleasure and relaxation. R and R is good, my fellow officers.

R and R is good. A Bottle Opener That Makes Authentic Sounds From All Your Space Travels! The Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener look just like the Enterprise as featured in the Star Trek TV series!

In addition to opening bottles, this ultimate in drinking companions comes with three unique sound effects that you are sure to recognize from the TV show: sounds like the red alert alarms, the warp drive engines, and the sounds of the doors opening on the bridge!

You're sure to go on your own personal trek through the stars when you're drinking with the Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener!


Bottle opener.

Sound effects.

Dimensions: 6" long x 5" wide.

Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

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$35 · Star Trek Enterprise Bottle Opener

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