Birdhouse Spy Cameras Give You A Bird's Eye View Of The Truth

Birdhouses are in everyone's backyard. Pretty birds are something that almost anyone welcomes onto their property. Peacefully chirping away on a nice summer morning. This is why nobody would suspect this nice avian fixer-upper to house a spy camera watching their every move.

Battery Lasts Up To 10 Continuous Hours, 1 Month In Motion Detect The rechargeable battery for this camera provides you with up to 10 hours of continuous battery life for 640x480 high quality video recording. You won't be missing the crucial evidence because the battery died.

This 100% Weather-resistant camera is ideal for outdoor use to help protect your home or business. One Year Warranty Birdhouse Spy Camera w/ DVR (Rechargeable Battery)

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$499 · Birdhouse Spy Camera with DVR

Fancy 641
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