A Deceptive Porcelain Mug With an Octopus Lurking in the Depths An octopus is an incredible creature. They have eight limbs, no bones and are incredibly ugly. They also taste pretty good when cooked to perfection as calamari. Think of this Octopus Porcelain Mug as their small piece of revenge for eating their brethren as an appetizer. Fill up the 3-1/4" tall mug with coffee and hand it to a friend or co-worker and watch as they react in horror to a cephalopod rising from the depths of their black with two sugars. It's an otherwise normal mug that functions just as well as any other you'd find. Weighs 12 oz. Comes in an illustrated box Octopus Porcelain Mug Show More Show Less
  • December 4, 2015 - December 11, 2015
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  2. Martha @marcticmonkeys

    This is adorable

  3. Chris Lumbert @clumbert

    That's creepy

  4. Matt @madaven530

    Creepy in a sexy sort of way?

  5. Jody Davila @jodydavila7

    It looks like a tongue... lol

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$15 · Octopus Porcelain Mug

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