Experience Your Home in a Whole New Way! Did you ever want to dim the lights and watch a movie on Netflix without getting off of the couch? Or wanted to mute the iTunes sound on your Apple TV just by placing a finger on your lips in a “shush” gesture? Well now you can!

With singlecue you can control your existing TV, cable box, A/V receiver, disc player, and selected smart home devices with just a wave of your finger. Let us Simplify things for you

Every device in your home today is controlled separately with its own remote control or app. Additionally, in order to watch TV, Play a disc or activate a streamer you need to use more than one remote. With singlecue, a single pinch of the finger will simultaneously turn on all the relevant devices on at once, with the correct inputs and settings.

The device that connects and controls your TV, entertainment, and smart home devices using touch-free gestures. With singlecue a wave of a finger is all it takes to get instant control over the media and smart devices in your home. No more juggling remote controls or apps, it’s time to have a connected home the way it should be, modern magic in action.

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  • October 19, 2015 - October 26, 2015
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  2. Rachael Ashley09 @rachaelashley10

    Wow what a way tô Find out

  3. bools bolland @bools

    This kept turning the volume up when I was watching my adult movie

  4. Steven Goelman @stevengoelman

    @bools BAHAHAHAH!

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$200 · Gesture Control Entertainment Device by eyeSight Technologies

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