Handmade leather wallet with iPhone 6/6s case.

  • There is plenty of space for your cash, five credit cards and one additional slot, where you can keep your business cards or other identification.
  • Apple Pay compatible. Thanks to this smart design, you can easily use Apple Pay without pulling out your iPhone. Simply put your thumb on Touch ID and pay.
  • Cash slot fits USD, EUR or GBP banknotes.
  • Top-quality Italian leather.
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  • February 9, 2016 - February 11, 2016
  • 30 day returns. View details


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  2. MN @modernhippyman

    Terrible idea. The phone will bend as soon as you sit on hit

  3. Matthias Pfaff @matzda

    Really nice of course a purse that is possible to be put in one's pant front pocket and as long as you din't wear tights and have it there whilst doing excersises it won't bend. I find it a very nice, well made piece of work that I usually put in my jacket's pocket. To use phone of course you have to take it out, also for apple pay.

  4. Paul Hsu @paul


  5. Brandon @firemoon13

    Cop pulls you over* put your hands in the air* you: ok let me text my wife"pulls this out" OMG HE GOTS A GUN "gets shot

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$129 · Leather iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case by Danny P.

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