TextBlade makes professional-grade typing as easy to carry as a pen  .

Great touch-typing is what's been missing from our smartphones and tablets, and now it's here.

Breakthrough Technology
TextBlade is an entirely new class of touch-typing device, in a breakthrough form factor. At just 1/3 the size and weight of an iPhone, it's astonishingly compact. As the smartphone becomes the dominant workhorse, this powerful new typing technology transforms what tablets and phones can do. TextBlade is touch-typing for the Tablet Era.

Instantly Familiar
We’ve typed on QWERTY keyboards for 141 years, and TextBlade adheres to the same character map. The same fingers select the same letters, so typing on TextBlade is instantly familiar.

Full Size. Fat-free.
Keyboard covers shrink keys, and fatten your tablet. Not TextBlade. You get full 19mm finger spacing – the same as a desktop. Precision keys outperform a MacBook Pro, with full 2mm travel and extra large keytops. TextBlade's innovative frameless array eliminates all keyboard shudder, with rock-solid grip that hugs the table closer than a MacBook Air, so it's even easier on your wrist. TextBlade's ultra-low profile is half as thick as an iPhone 6.

MultiTouch Keys
MultiTouch technology made the iPhone possible, and now for the first time, TextBlade builds it into every physical key. Rows of 70+ plastic legacy keys have been simplified, and replaced by 8 ultra smart keys, powered by software intelligence. TextBlade blends the best of mechanical key feel, with the magic of touchscreens, to create a better experience, unlike anything before it.

MagLever Mechanisms
The feel of the keys is so central to the satisfaction of typing, WayTools engineered a patented new key technology called MagLever, that is manufactured in WayTools own factories. MagLever produces a carefully sculpted force curve, superior to any rubber spring keyboard.

Totally contactless sensing technology assures there is no drag, wear, or sponginess as you use it. Tested to millions of cycles, it is more reliable than other techniques. Precision MagLever mechanisms deliver a quality of key-feel previously known only on desktops.

MultiLayer Keys
The sprawl of 6 rows in legacy keyboards, diverges from what we want: a clean and simple tool to write fast.MultiLayer Key technology brings all the far-flung symbols and edit keys within easy reach of home row, and accessible entirely by feel.

It’s made even faster by seamlessly interleaving layers with new smart strike technology.Instead of working harder to reach farther, the keys are brought to your fingers.Type the @ symbol from home row, making email addresses far easier than a desktop. Even all of the audio controls, and a home button for Siri access are built-in.

Unprecedented Computing Power
A network of 4 computers with 100X the processing power of legacy devices drives advanced software intelligence. TextBlade runs for a month with advanced Bluetooth Low Energy, and fast-charges on any USB port in just minutes, without cords of any kind.So efficient is the design, even the spacebar is structurally formed from an ultra-slim, specially engineered lithium polymer battery.

Magnetic Intelligence
Tools should make life simpler, not add work. TextBlade is smart enough to magnetically set itself up, connect, and turn itself on.When it's time to go, the blades even magnetically compact themselves in a slender stack that slips easily into any pocket. No hinges to break, or connectors to mess with. TextBlade is the ultimate transformer, that's pure joy for your fingers.


  • Full Travel, Mechanical Keys
  • Full-Size Finger Spacing
  • MagLever Keys
  • Smooth Force Curve
  • MultiTouch Key Technology
  • MultiLayer Key Technology
  • Magnetic Self-Assembly
  • Magnetic Self-Packing
  • Hingeless Quick Release Protection
  • Feather-Weight & Pen-Sized
  • Integrated NanoCharger
 Tech Specs:
  • Size: 104L x 30.6W x 11.3D (mm)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Build: Steel and polycarbonate.
  • Neodymium rare earth magnets.
  • Soft, satin silicone base.
  • Travel: Full 2.0 mm key motion.
  • Spacing: Full 19 mm finger spacing.
  • Height: 5.5 mm above writing surface.
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  • January 18, 2016 - January 28, 2016
  • Final sale and no returns. View details

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    1.5 Oz., collapsible, multi-touch keyboard.

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