Handmade from solid concrete, this gorgeous tangram puzzle doubles as a centerpiece.

The playful design can be mixed up and rearranged without any gaps, as per the rules of the game, or it can be stylized just for looks. Either way, you get to transform the seven concrete blocks into an eye-catching cityscape.

Each puzzle is individually made by Sean Yu and Yiting Cheng of 22 Design.

The set includes seven pieces: a nature scene, a warehouse, a museum, an office building, a house, a factory, and an apartment. Together, the customizable parts form a miniature city that is minimalist and geometric in style.

The concrete material underscores the urban, industrial imagery, and gives the components a pleasant weight.

Made to order, please allow up to one month for your unique sculpture to arrive.

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$200 · Concrete Tangram Puzzle and City Sculpture

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