Home Fragrance Coconut Water

  • Top notes :Coconut Milk, Olive leaves
  • Heart notes :Dry coconut, Olive oil
  • Base notes :Greedy and sweet notes, Vanilla
  • Size:100 ml. / 3.3 Oz.
  • Spray.
A gateaway to the tropical islands of paradise.Rainbows forming at the base of waterfalls, idyllic beaches stretching for miles and ocean breezes at sunset are some of the images you will picture as you spray this fragrance.

Get away, for a moment, for a fragrant journey, on a white sandy beach by the Caribbean Sea where smells remind you of some unforgettable memories of sunny holidays. Bring a delicate touch of fresh coconut water to obtain a perfumed fusion of the most captivating.

The greedy and milky scent of coconut comes to get deliciously married with green notes of the olive for a successful cocktail.

Instructions for Use: Spray generously, according to the size of your room. The fragrance will immediately be scattered in the air. Avoid spraying on painted or varnished surfaces.


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$39 · Home Fragrance Coconut Water

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