The MultiCharger-X
Charge up to 10 iPad devices at once with MultiCharger-X, a simple solution for schools and businesses that utilize iPad devices as a workplace tool. Sleek and compact, the MultiCharger-X has handles and stacking grooves for portability. The unit also features a locking door to protect your iPad devices, and LED lights that indicate when each of your devices have finished charging. The daisy-chain feature even allows you to link MultiCharger-X to two additional units to sync up to 30 devices. A time-saving, hassle-free device, the MultiCharger-X allows users to sync data, menus and updates across multiple iPad devices, making it an ideal tool to help you manage your high-tech investments.

Charge and Sync Button
Charge up to 10 iPad devices, and sync them with the touch of a button. The charge/sync toggle button makes it easy to manage your devices directly without opening your laptop.
Built-in Handles and Optional Wheels for Portability
Move your iPad devices comfortably and easily. The MultiCharger-X was meant to be transportable; it has two handles on either side and optional attachable wheels that allow you to easily grasp and move the unit from place to place.

User-Friendly LED Indicators
Know exactly when your iPad devices are ready. MultiCharger-X uses individual LED lights to indicate the charge and sync status of your iPad devices. When the lights are red, your iPad devices need more time. When the lights turn green, they're ready to go. The lights are visible through the transparent door, so you can check on the status of your devices easily.

Expandable and Stackable
Sync up to 30 iPad devices by daisy-chaining multiple units and stack them to save space. If you have more than 10 iPad devices to sync, simply connect MultiCharger-X to another unit - or even two - to sync up to 30 iPad devices. MultiCharger-X was also designed with interlocking grooves that allow you to stack multiple devices on top of each other, a space-saving feature that schools and businesses will be sure to appreciate.

Locking Door
Protect your investments with a door lock. You made an investment when you bought those iPad devices, so you'll want to keep them secure. MultiCharger-X is made of heavy duty plastic and metal and features a sturdy, locking door that comes with 2 keys.

Sleek and Ergonomic Design
Great for schools, businesses and other professional environments. The cube-like design of MultiCharger-X is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also space-efficient. Keep a unit under your desk or stack multiple units and store them in your closet.

Unlimited Applications
Attractive, compact and transportable. MultiCharger-X is an ideal industry solution for managing multiple iPad devices. It can help teachers, business people, pilots and other professionals keep their iPad devices charged, synced and protected. It's a time-saving and useful device with nearly unlimited applications.

Input: AC 100-120V, 60 Hz / 220-240V, 50Hz
Output: DC 5V, 2.1A each USB port

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$500 · Multicharger-X Expandable 10 iPad Charger

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