Muux Basalt Mortar & Pestle.

Basalt Stone and Red Cedar Wood.

Designed & handcrafted in Mexico.

H 4.3" D 7/ 5.5 LBS

Muux molcajete is made out of polished volcanic stone “gray basalt” and a red cedar wooden base. Using the molcajete implies special attention from the cook, who is undoubtedly concerned about every detail, the quality of ingredients, the aromas, the amounts to be used to create the ideal flavor. Time, dedication, love, and a good pinch of imagination will always be the most important ingredients in dishes served at the table

Please Note: Our artisan’s talented handcrafting technique produces some variations in color, size and design. All handcrafted pieces are completely unique, if acquiring two of the same, slight differences should be expected. Color divergence may occur between product and screen.

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  • October 28, 2015 - November 2, 2015
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  2. Enrique Garcia Duran @GADUEN

    "Molcajetes" are still used to crush and grind spices, herbs (or grains) to prepare salsas, guacamole or other foods. Aztecs, Mayans and many Mesoamerican cultures used them. The mortar is called "molcajete" from Nahuatl "mollicaxtli [ mōlli ‎(“sauce, broth”) +‎ caxitl ‎("earthenware bowl")] and the pestle is called " tejolote" from Nahuatl texolotl [tetl ("stone") + xólotl ("doll")]. They're handcrafted by Mexican artisans,

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$140 · Muux Basalt Mortar & Pestle

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