InkCase i6 adds an 4.3 inch E Ink display to your iPhone 6, adding conveniences and better readability.

InkCase i6 connects wirelessly to your iPhone 6/6s through Bluetooth, allowing you to access contents without switching on the iPhones display.

Reading on InkCase makes your reading more enjoyable with the paper like display quality and helps you conserve your iPhones battery at the same time.

InkCase Photo.Personalize InkCase wallpaper with your favorite images to express your unique individuality. InkCase Photo app turns your photos into rich monochrome images suited for InkCase.

EPI Reader App.Epi reader allows you to send your favorite books to InkCase via Bluetooth allowing you to read without consuming precious battery from your iPhone. E Ink's signature paper like display quality provides unrivaled reading experience that is friendly to your vision.

Open API.More exciting apps are in the works to make full use of unique advantages of InkCase's E Ink display technology.

Anti Glare Display.InkCase's anti glare E Ink display remains readable even under direct sunlight. Its best in class paper like display quality makes it perfect for reading under the sun.

Always on Display.InkCase's inherent attribute of always on display ensure you never miss another important notification. It's E Ink display stays on to display the notifications without draining the precious battery live. It is perfect to save critical information for viewing before the iPhone's battery runs out.

Ultra Low Power Consumption Display.The E Ink Display requires no power to maintain the static display, it uses small amount of power each time the display changes.

Ample Protection.InkCase provides optimal protection for iPhone. The durable dual molded polycarbonate exterior provides complete protection of the back, edge and corner of your iPhone.

Slim & Light Weight Design.InkCase adds a mere 4.1mm and 52 grams to the iPhone 6; totaling 11.1mm when attached to the iPhone 6. Simple snap on attachment design ensure all port and buttons remains accessible.


  • Display Size:4.3" E Ink Display
  • Resolution:480 x 800
  • Pixel:217 dpi
  • Connectivity:Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
  • Built In Memory:128 MB
  • Built In Battery:460mAh
  • Dimensions (attached to iPhone 6) -140.7 x 69.5 x 11mm / 5.54" x 2.74" x 0.43"
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$130 · InkCase i6

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