TROPIC SNOW silkscreen graphic by Nenad Trifunovic

  • From the Side Effects Print Collection.
  • Limited to 100 copies, without the option of a reprint.
  • All prints come with an original seal at the back of the print as a proof of their authenticity and originality.
  • Paper: Munken Pure 200g
  • Technique: Silk Screen
  • Print measures 70X100 cm

Art always likes to fool us, at least a little bit, which is what Nenad underlines in his work Tropic Snow. Leaning onto the rich legacy of pop art and an extensive experience in graphic narration, he delivers this ironic composition that leaves plenty of room for personal reflection. A snowy grid overlays the tropical image of an ananas. Miami in February.

Nenad Trifunovi is primarily a graphic designer, creative director, founder of the Metaklinika studio and one of the founders of the Turbosutra art collective. His many years of work are marked by a good balance between working for commercial clients and personally initiating art projects.His visual thinking often jumps and slides into the third dimension, giving birth to some interesting spatial interventions.
Nenad is the creator of the Laser Summit of Cheap Graphics, as well as the initiator and curator of the Side Effects Print project.

Side Effects is a carefully created limited art print collection and an online shop for art lovers. Our idea is to present and distribute high quality contemporary art graphics of young aspiring artists from all over the world.

Side Effects label is not a plain collection of randomly selected graphics, but involves a meticulous selection of authors, followed by a process of collaborative selection of fine papers and colors together with the artists.

Side Effects team has dedicated a great deal of attention to the quality of art prints not only in terms of their aesthetic and artistic value, but also when it comes to the quality of their production.
Art prints are printed on high-quality paper, carefully selected for each art print, produced in silk screen technique using from 2 to 6 different coats of colors.With their cutting-edge design, fine aesthetics and great production quality on the B1 format (100 x 70 cm), all Side Effects art prints are produced in a limited series of 100 copies, without the option of a reprint.

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