A very early rendering of Manhattan Island, (Note that there are no bridges to the other Boroughs of the city)

A beautiful hand-drawn wall mural, that paints an accurate picture of how New York City was in the not so distant past.

This high quality 150 gsm, class A, double-layered non-woven paper is extremely durable and fade resistant.

Large Size: 102.4"(h) x 169"(w) - 7 Panels

Panel Widths: 24.2” (61.5cm)

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  • February 16, 2016 - February 22, 2016
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  2. A Simple Frog @SimpleFrog

    What Imma do it lock some house guests in a closet, and let them out like 3 minutes later. They gonna look out the window and see old Manhattan. What am I gonna say? They time traveled. Grandma won't know what hit her.

  3. Sam Borsman @samkyoko

    I don't think they had helicopters in the 1800's, roantc. Look at the painting.

  4. Kristian O. Gundersen @Polatype


  5. Mike @mikiboii

    lol Roan, sorry but the artwork that you are referring to in which an autistic child flew over Manhattan and then drew the city in ultra-fine detail is yes, remarkable however it isn't this same piece of artwork for sale here..

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