Want to take a closer look at your route? The high-resolution 6.0-inch glass display on your nviCam LMTHD offers pinch-to-zoom capability.

The product design also features a powered magnetic mount that securely holds and charges nviCam as you drive.

Detailed Maps with Free Updates.nviCam LMTHD comes preloaded with detailed maps of North America. With free lifetime map updates, your routes are sure to reflect the most up-to-date maps, points of interest (POI) and navigation information available. New maps are available for download for the useful life of your GPS device - no subscriptions; no fees

Best Traffic Solutions.HD Digital Traffic is the best traffic solution available from Garmin. HD Digital Traffic is fast and free, no distracting advertising and no subscription fees, ever, for the useful life of your device. Receive traffic updates as often as every 30 seconds.

Premium Driver Awareness Features.One of the most comprehensive portable navigation units ever to hit the highways, nviCam LMTHD offers the latest in premium driver-assist features typically found only in luxury automobiles.

Built-in Dash Cam.Offering the protection of an eyewitness that never blinks, nviCam LMTHD comes with a built-in, high-definition dash cam that records your drive.

If a collision occurs, the devices Incident Detection G-sensor will automatically save files on impact. GPS records exactly where and when events occurred. And the devices swivel lens lets you adjust camera angle for better recording from your nviCams windshield or dashboard mounting location.

You can play back the video on your large, 6.0-inch display and even view a map of where you were, at the time of the incident. If you like, you can even watch the video later on your computer using our Dash Cam Player.

Get a Clear View of Your Destination.Thanks to Garmin Real Vision, hard-to-read house numbers are a thing of the past. When approaching select destinations, your nviCam LMTHD display will switch to camera view and a bright arrow will point to where you want to go.

Talk to Your nviCam.nviCam LMTHD offers you the option of convenient voice-activated navigation. Speak and your device intelligently responds, while your hands can remain safely on the wheel.

Bluetooth Compatible.Sync a Bluetooth-enabled device, like a smartphone, to your nviCam for hands-free calling through its integrated microphone and speaker. Safely stow your phone in a glove box, pocket or purse and still dial, answer and take calls without moving your hands from the steering wheel or your eyes from the road.

Smartphone Link Compatible.Smartphone Link is a free mobile app4 that connects nviCam with your compatible iPhone or Android smartphone. When paired, your nviCam can use your phones existing data plan to share information.

With the Smartphone Link app, you can conveniently send locations and addresses from your phone straight to your nviCam LMTHD. Smartphone Link also gives you access to Garmin Live Services, useful real-time information such as weather.

Guidance Using Recognizable Landmarks.nviCam LMTHD redefines spoken turn-by-turn directions with Garmin Real Directions, easy-to-understand driving directions that guide like a friend, using recognizable landmarks, buildings and traffic lights. No more stress from trying to read street names. Instead, hear clearly spoken guidance, like Turn left after the gas station.

Navigate Complex Interchanges with Ease.Active Lane Guidance with voice prompts prepares you to drive through an exit or interchange with confidence. As you approach, an animated model uses brightly colored arrows to indicate the proper lane needed for your route; a friendly voice offers additional help. Birds Eye junction view offers a detailed view of interchanges, looking down as if from overhead.

School Zone Warnings.Good driving is cautious driving. Especially when kids are around. To help, your nviCam LMTHD issues an audible alert and displays an onscreen warning whenever you approach a school zone. The displayed speed limit also changes to reflect the school zone speed limit.

One-stop Device Management.Use Garmin Express to keep your nviCam up-to-date. Garmin Express makes it easy to update maps and software, transfer favorites to and from devices, and install free custom vehicles and voices.


  • Built-in dash cam
  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane departure warning
  • Garmin real vision
  • Free lifetime map updates
  • Display Screen Size 6.1 inches
  • Dimensions 0.6 x 7.2 x 3.7 inches
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$400 · Garmin nüviCam LMTHD Portable Navigation Device with Dashcam

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