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  2. Felicia Lawlor @livvy123


  3. Mark Bender @BenderBy

    @timorez: Does your watch say: Chronometer officially certified on the dial, like this one does? This particular watch is pretty rare. Due to the fact that in the 60's not to many watches were Chronometer officially certified. These days it's part of the marketing and nothing special. The watch is pretty rare but not worth $5500,- which is the price for a Aqua Terra.. Have fun with this cool watch! And you can contact me if you wan't to sell it ;)

  4. Tim Rezgalla @timorez

    BenderBy no it's the deville one on here from madmen!!my face is silver tho not black...shall never sell lol thanks any way I'll keep an eye out for a chrono seamaster now;)

  5. Ashley Harewood @Ashcch

    Love it. stylish classic.

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Omega Seamaster Chronometer Cal 751

Fancy 2,768
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