Turn your USB powered ports on and off with this power-strip designed by electronics design giant Elecom. With 7 USB ports, each with its own dedicated on-off switch, you can simply mount the USB hub onto your desk or even the side of your desk for better organization.

Featuring 7 useful USB 2.0 ports just like an AC extension hub with an on-off switch with generous, convenient space between each USB plug as well as labels to indicate the use for each port. With USB2.0, Elecom U2H-TZS720S has a high speed mode with a transfer rate of maximum 480Mbps. Adopts bus power and AC adapter (included) that's good for the world between 100-240V.

Slim and simple design. Also included individual stickers for you to better organize your USB devices. AC Gears is proud to distribute Elecom Japan's products here in the US.

Please allow up to 10 days for shipping.

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$70 · Elecom Power-Strip USB Extension Hub

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