Flower types:

- Pink Delphinium hybrid

- Pink Hydrangea


Phone case features:
- Original and unique cases decorated by our handmade pressed flowers. The flowers on the back of the case may be slightly bumpy as some of the flowers are thicker.
- All iPhone cases are hard and durable plastic bumper cases with soft polycarbonate (TPU). Therefore, it is easy to be taken off.
- All Pressed Flowers Phone Cases are suitable for white, silver and gold colors phone. Black/dark color phone may not be suitable for our pressed flowers phone case.
- As the handmade pressed flower is used, there might be slight variance in flower size, color and arrangement, and imperfection may exist (e.g. small bubbles). Pressed flowers will become slightly translucent once they are coated in resin. However, we will try our best to maintain the product quality.
- All the flowers are hand pressed from the real flowers with their natural color, it may change color overtime from sunlight and high temperatures.
- Flowers will retain their color and shape the longest when kept out of the direct sunlight and high temperatures.
- To keep the phone cases durable and pretty, please prevent handling it from makeup, oils and hard objects (e.g.key and wallets, etc)


Shipping Arrangement:
Upon receipt of your order, we will process your order (processing time) and ship the finished products (shipping time).
Turnaround : As our products are handmade and made to order, please allow 5 to 10 business days processing time. Once the products are finished, we will notice you immediately.
Shipping time: It depends on the geographical locations. On average, international shipping takes approximately 10 to 25 business days. We apologize for any unexpected delay.


Unclaimed Mails Arrangement - We would like to maintain a long term relationship with you. Therefore, please make sure you accept this arrangement before placing an order :
- If the postman cannot reach you when they are delivering the products, they will leave a notification card you to pick up the products in post office.
- According to the policy of post office, if there is no one to pick up the products within a certain period of time, the products will be deemed as unclaimed mails and returned to us.
- We have occasionally discover that our customers did not pick up the products and afterwards the products are returned to us. To avoid any disputes, please be reminded that for the unclaimed and returned mails, we provide either options as below for you:
1) We could ship the products to you again. However, an additional shipping cost (USD 5) will be charged to you as the products did successfully reached the destination, or
2) We could charge USD 9 to compensate our shipping cost, and the remaining amount would be refunded to you.


To avoid any disputes, we would assume you have well understood the above unclaimed mails arrangement once we have received your order. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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$29 · The Romantic Pink Hydrangea and Delphinium Hybrid pressed flower phone case

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