Ribbon coat rack is designed by Hemal Patel for HeadSprung. It is a wall-mounted coat rack with amazing sculptural quality. That is to say, an aesthetic object that has a utilitarian purpose as well.

The form of the rack is inspired by a ribbon blowing in the wind. It is a hand-made item constructed in India by craftsmen. Thus, all racks are released in limited numbers and two units can hardly be 100% identical.

HeadSprung believes that home is a place where people spend most of their daily lives and as so it needs to be decorated with beautiful and selected design items. The ribbon coat rack is one of them and looks like a work of art ideal for the decoration of your space. It has a contemporary design and is made of powder coated mild steel.

It is a piece very easy to install. You only need to use four screws and wall plugs, all included in the package. Each screw is powder-coated to color match the coat rack in order to provide a seamless, quality finish. When hanging your items on it, it becomes a practical wall hanger but when it is empty, it looks like a unique and modern piece of art.

Powder-coated mild steel
Height 15 cm, Length 60 cm, Depth 10 cm.
Handmade-constructed by craftsmen in India.
Screws and wall plugs are included in matching color.

Please allow 5-30 days for delivery.

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$87 · Mini Ribbon Coat Rack

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