The requirement on water-proof functions would affect the mute key function.

Combined use with Assistive Touch is recommended; If there is no Assistive Touch option, please follow the steps below: "Setup"-"general"-"supporting functions"-open "Assistive Touch". *If you do want to use this case in the water,please make sure the case works well following these program.
Step 1: place a tissue into the casing;
Step 2: secure the water-proof ring as per the assembly instruction and tighten the screws;
Step 3: put the casing into water;
Step 4: use tissue to clean the water on surface of the casing;
Step 5: unscrew and see if there is water in the casing.

If the water can get into the case,dry the case and do it more careful again till you can not find any water inside the case.

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  • October 19, 2015 - October 26, 2015
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  2. Trip @TripFontain

    I called someone underwater and it worked perfectly? Not sure what everyone else is talking about?

  3. MM @mtthwm


  4. Kayla Hand @kaylamaarieeee

    Is this just for the 6 only?

  5. Aleece Miller @leeceypooh

    Does this fit 6s?

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$38 · All Weather Protective iPhone 6 Case

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