I Love Graffiti and You by Seaty.

  • Canvas + Acrylic.
  • 45" x 32"
  • Unique work of art, accompanied by an authentic certificate signed by the artist Seaty.
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  2. Mark Stone @g6flyfisher

    for starters, it's a bit wrong. next, it's not very good. lastly, the whole toddlers making out thing is slightly mitigated by the fact that they look like they are about to throw up in eachother's mouths..

  3. Alex Cohen @beria123

    To each his own I spose

  4. Pimp @hellopimp

    This is a rare and unique Art work of the French artist Seaty, I could see there at an exhibition in Shaighai, it was really great, nice work!

  5. MarianneBilika @mariannebond

    Pretty amazing and the sketching is very good. Nice work!! :)

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$6,000 · I Love Graffiti and You by Seaty

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