The World's Smallest Input Device!

Ring ZERO is a futuristic device that enhances people's lives. Easy to use, simlply put it on your index finger and start gesturing.

When using Keynote, Adobe Reader or Powerpoint, change slides with one gesture. Ring ZERO enhances your presentation experience.

Control your home with swipes.Turn on the TV, lights, and more Just relax on the sofa and start gesturing.

Use it with your VR device.Enjoy the world of virtual reality with Ring ZERO!

Size :

  • S = 19.0mm
  • M = 20.6mm
  • L = 22.2mm

System Requirements :

  • Phone, iPad, iPod (iOS 7 or higher)
  • Android (ver 4.4 or higher )


  • Battery Stand
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Equipment for size adjusting
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$150 · Ring ZERO Gesture Control Ring

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