ARCHER is one of the brightest constellations in a summer night.

The solid bow arm is constructed with beech. Its design resonate a combative spirit. The bowstring is conveniently created for easy adjustment in the lamps arm.

A centaur is always depicted with head, arms, and torso of a human, and body and legs of a horse. He is an elegant and wise archer who can be a reliable guardian.

The ARCHER is available in two floor sizes:

Regular: H.55"-67.3" x W.35" x 47.2" x D.11.8"

Mega: H.77"-89.4" x W.97.6"-103"" x D.19.7"

Light source:

Regular(without diffuser): E26 1 x Max 60W,

Mega(with diffuser):E26 3 x Max 60W

Its base is solidly constructed with metal. With ingenuity and technique, the wires are concealed within the wooden body.

Shade: Fabric.

Stem & Base: Steel, wood.

Color: Matte black.

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$560 · Archer Floor Lamp

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