1. Prabal Gurung @PrabalGurung

    Awesome tangerine bike for summer by Brooklyn Cruiser

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  2. Prabal Gurung @PrabalGurung

    I love to bike around NY - beats the traffic and so much more pleasant that public transport. Love the retro look of this one.

  3. Jairo Pontes @jairopontes

    I like do it, hóquei mutch?

  4. Brooke Butler @brookebutler

    This is all I want in life.

  5. Susan Jorgensen @Sueljorgensen

    Bought the bike, It looks kinda the same, box is extra and it came with no lettering. There is no Phone# contact, just live support that seems to be automated.... buyer beware!!

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Brooklyn Cruiser Bike

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