Grey polo shirt - vintage look - Made from eco friendly awarded fabric (made of kapok).

Kapok is softer than silk, warmer than wool, cooler than linen, moisture resistant and several other natural functions such as anti-bacterial (odorless), anti moth and anti-mite.

Technical information:
Today, chemists are able to create all kinds of outstanding products in their laboratories. Many of them appear on the market under various names that we sometimes forget that nature herself is able to produce some pretty interesting products too!

Kapok (kā päk) fiber is one of these.

A singled out fiber is called floss and is springy slick and odorless. It sheds water like a bird's back, and resists the passage of sound and heat. It is half the weight of wool and warmer. Kapok fiber supports as much as 38.6 times its own weight in water. Buoyancy is lost slowly; with one test showing only 10 percent loss after 30 days of water immersion. Kapok combines several characteristics which other fibers provide singularly.

Spun kapok possesses a high luster and is thick and woolly at touch, yet with a certain silkiness and softness lacking in wool. Kapok fabric has all the virtues and none of the drawbacks of wool, linen and cotton and besides certain valuable additional functional characteristics like: buoyancy, resiliency, moisture resistance (quick-dry), insulation, vermin resistance and smoothness.

It is only from recent technical discoveries that Kapok can be spun into yarn, the difficulties lies in the short structure of the fibers. In order to spin a yarn with kapok it is necessary to combine it with other fibers with longer staple lengths. To use the benefit of kapok characteristics a minimum of 15% kapok is needed inside a spun yarn.

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  • December 7, 2015 - December 14, 2015
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