It can get confusing trying to remember which keys are used for which shortcuts in which programs. That's why Sonder Design developed the Sonder keyboard.

Utilizing e-ink technology, all of its letter, number and function keys can change appearance and function, depending on the application being used.

The keyboard works with PCs, Macs and all types of tablets and smartphones, connecting via Bluetooth.

As an added bonus, its keys also light up in the dark.

Users will be able to store their custom layouts in the cloud, along with accessing an online library of layouts and functions made available by other users.

The Sonder's keys are capable of changing both appearance and function.

Dimensions28 x 13 x 3 cm/Weight 0.5 kg

Pre-ordersareslated to ship in late Q3.

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$300 · Sonder E-Ink Keyboard

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